Diocesan Calendar

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August 2022

Visitation - St. Andrew's, HoustonBishop Monterroso08/14/22
Visitation - St. Thomas, College StationBishop Monterroso08/21/22
Visitation - St. Augustine of Hippo, GalvestonBishop Monterroso08/28/22

September 2022

Visitation - St. Alban's, HoustonBishop Monterroso09/04/22
Visitation - Holy Family, HoustonBishop Monterroso09/04/22
Visitation - Emmanuel, HoustonBishop Monterroso09/11/22
Visitation - San Francisco de Asis, AustinBishop Monterroso09/18/22
Visitation - St. James, HoustonBishop Monterroso09/25/22
Visitations - St. Christopher's, League CityBishop Monterroso09/25/22

October 2022

Visitations - Holy Apostles, KatyBishop Monterroso10/02/22
Visitation - Palmer Memorial, HoustonBishop Monterroso10/16/22
Visitation - St. Luke the Evangelist, HoustonBishop Monterroso10/16/22
Visitation - San Mateo, BellaireBishop Monterroso10/23/22
Visitation - St. John's, MarlinBishop Monterroso10/30/22

November 2022

Visitation - Church of the Cross, Lake TravisBishop Monterroso11/06/22
Visitation - Northshore Church Plant, HoustonBishop Monterroso11/19/22
Visitation - St. Martin's, HoustonBishop Monterroso11/20/22
Visitation - Hope, HoustonBishop Monterroso11/27/22