Christ Church Cathedral Holy Eucharist In Support of Peace and Ukrainian Relief Efforts


Christ Church Cathedral Episcopal Church in downtown Houston is dedicating their 11 a.m. service this Sunday toward peace and solidarity with the people of Ukraine. The Cathedral will have a special offering to support Ukrainian relief efforts during this service, which will include Holy Eucharist and special music. Instead of purple stoles reflecting the liturgical season of Lent, Cathedral priests will wear blue regalia in solidarity and support. Sunflowers, a Ukranian symbol for peace, will be placed on the altar.

Christ Church Cathedral Dean, The Very Reverend Barkley S. Thompson says “Daily, the conflict in Ukraine is heartrending. With equal parts empathy and existential concern, members of our own community are asking, ‘What can we do?’ This Sunday, the Cathedral will respond as we always have to crises both local and farther afield: We will first pray for God’s redemption of a broken work, and we will then provide material assistance to the Ukrainian people under duress and in great need. We hope members of the Ukrainian community in Houston will be able to attend, as we worship in solidarity with them.”

The Rev. Canon Becky Zartman will host a conversation with parishioners titled The People and Pain of Ukraine: A Discussion on Sunday, March 13, beginning at 6:15 p.m. This talk about current events from a perspective of faith will be a time to listen, be heard, and know that somehow God is working God’s redemption, even now.

Experience worship with us this Sunday at historic Christ Church Cathedral, where ALL are welcome.

Christ Church Cathedral is an historic Episcopal church founded in 1839 in downtown Houston. As a cathedral parish, Christ Church Cathedral is the seat of the Bishop of Texas. It is the church home to more than 3,600 Houstonians and a place of hospitality and worship for all Episcopalians in the Diocese of Texas. Christ Church Cathedral is a center of learning and formation for Christians and non-Christians alike. It is the parent of more than 12 outreach organizations— including The Beacon, a daycare center for the homeless — meeting the needs of people in need in the community. For more information, visit Christ Church Cathedral’s website at

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