All members of the clergy entering the diocese, whether through ordination or transfer, are required to take “Lighting the Path: A Road to Anti-Racism in EDOT,” a two-part training held over consecutive weeks, with each session lasting three and a half hours. The training is facilitated via Zoom and Google Classroom. This training puts a particular focus on the history of racism in Texas and in the diocese, and for that reason, alternate antiracism programs do not satisfy the requirement. By raising awareness of our racist past and provoking self-examination of racist attitudes and behaviors,“Lighting the Path” provides a context that will help clergy lead communities in becoming more racially inclusive and committed to racial justice.Space in each training is limited, and it is importantf or registrants to attend both sessions of the training in consecutive weeks. Failure to attend the second week’s session may require repeating both training sessions in a later month.

Upcoming Training Sessions

March 3.13.24 and 3.20.24 9:00am to 12:30pm

May 5.18.24 and 5.25.24 9:00am to 12:30pm

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Questions? Contact Danielle Tatro, Assistant to the Canon for Safeguarding and Clergy Pastoral Care.

Grant, O God, that your holy and life-giving Spirit may so move every human heart, that barriers which divide us may crumble, suspicions disappear, and hatreds cease; that our divisions being healed, so we may live in justice and peace; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Book of Common Prayer, p. 82

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