Covenant Regarding Prohibited Conduct

The Episcopal Diocese of Texas is committed to providing a safe place for all people, including youth who participate in Diocesan sponsored events.  For that reason, the following expectations of conduct apply for participation in all diocesan youth events. 

The Diocese requires that all persons, including both adults and other youth, be treated with respect. Hazing, harassment, and any verbal, physical, or emotional abuse is specifically prohibited and will not be tolerated at any event.

Any theft or destruction of personal property belonging to another or property belonging to the facility is forbidden and may lead to expulsion. 

Youth events provide an opportunity for youth to participate in activities that will lead to fellowship and bonding in Christ.  Sexual activity is not permitted and can lead to removal from the event. 

The use of alcohol, tobacco, or illegal drugs is strictly prohibited.

The use or possession of weapons or fireworks is also prohibited, as are lighters, candles, or any open flame.

Because of the distraction they pose, cell phones should not be used during any scheduled activities. Cell phones should never be used while driving. 

Although efforts will be made to resolve issues that arise, any violation of the prohibitions set forth above may lead to expulsion.  If that occurs, parents will be informed and will be responsible for any expenses incurred as a result of the violation, including transportation home.

Please confirm by your signature below that you have read and understood these requirements for your participation, and that you agree to abide by them. 

Covenant Regarding Prohibited Conduct

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