Heartfelt Thank You to the Rev. Dean Calcote

August 14, 2020

Dear friends,

There are so many unsung heroes in a diocese like ours, men and women who strengthen our witness to the Gospel with consistent, competent behind-the-scenes work. We are writing you today to recognize one such extraordinary individual – the Rev. Dean Calcote. Dean has served the Church for sixty-two years, enjoying a long career in Episcopal education that brought him to the Diocese of Texas in 1974. In 1996, Bishop Payne appointed Dean as chair of the diocesan Board of Examining Chaplains and since then, every aspiring priest has jousted with Fr. Calcote’s erudition and dry wit along the way to their ordination. After twenty-four years of faithful service, Dean is stepping down from his post as chair of the Examining Chaplains, and his retirement marks the end of an era for the Diocese of Texas.

We are profoundly grateful to Dean for his years of faithful service to our diocese, and his generous investment of time and energy in the formation of our new priests. He has made an indelible mark on the Diocese of Texas, he has fiercely advocated for the importance of intellectual rigor in ministry, and he will be dearly missed. We wish Dean all the best in his life in Beaumont, and his continued ministry at St. Mark’s.

 Yours in Christ,

Andrew Doyle
IX Bishop of Texas

The Examining Chaplains of the Diocese of Texas

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