Houston Parish Packs 30,000 Meals for Children in Zambia

Over one hundred St. John the Divine, Houston, parishioners came together to pack 30,000 nutritious meals for children in Zambia on Saturday, April 17, 2021. The recipients of the meals are served by international non-profit Family Legacy.

The meal packing event was also a great experience for children and families. While parents packed meals, younger children decorated the meals’ shipping boxes while others participated with meal packing with their families. Older children had the opportunity to learn about the needs of children in other countries and situations.

John Rosson, a parent who brought his two daughters said, “Our two young girls Genevieve and Michelle loved meal packing for Family Legacy! My 9-year-old daughter was especially sad for these young children her own age, many who are orphaned, that lack food, resources, and education. Knowing what was at stake, both of my girls worked very hard to assemble & pack as many meals as possible.”

Like many churches, St. John the Divine gathered online during the height of the pandemic and is now in the process of safely regathering for worship and other events. The meal packing event allowed the parish to come together in a safe, socially distanced way as they worked together to serve those in need across the world.


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