Jerusalem Peacebuilders Gathers Jewish, Christian, and Muslim Youth For Service and Dialogue

On Sunday, December 5, Interfaith Youth Houston (IYH), a program of the interfaith peacebuilding organization, Jerusalem Peacebuilders (JPB), brought together nearly 40 Jewish, Christian, and Muslim youth and adults for a powerful Gratitude & Hospitality day of interfaith learning, service-projects, and dialogue. The event was held at Palmer Memorial Episcopal Church, and included youth from Palmer, the Houston Congregation for Reform Judaism, ILM Academy, and the Westchester Academy for International Studies.  Participants began with a tour of Palmer’s Nave and a presentation on Christianity before Rabbi Steve Gross offered a few words about the Hanukkah celebrations going on then. Following, youth enjoyed icebreaker activities led by the IYH Youth Council and service-projects focused on supporting refugees. To end the session, teens gathered in small groups for youth-led dialogue on the importance of gratitude and showing hospitality to our neighbors. 

In reflecting on the program with one parent, the Rev. Deacon Jack Karn, Program Director of JPB and Founder of IYH remarked, “this is the antidote to religious bigotry.” Now in its fourth year, IYH offers a dynamic program of leadership development, interfaith understanding, and community service opportunities across Houston. Their next event is a Mitzvah Day scheduled for Sunday, January 9.  For more information and how to get your youth involved, please email

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