Lenten Resources 2022

Good friday resources

Passion Gospel
Proposed Good Friday Liturgy Annotated
Summary of Translations of John 18-19

Participate in Lent Madness 2022



Living Well Through Lent 2022

Letting Go with All Your Heart, Soul, Strength, and Mind

Each year, tens of thousands of people across different denominations use our daily devotionals to prepare for the coming ofEaster. Communities of faith also use the devotionals for Lent programs, classes, small group discussions, and retreats with the support of our FREE downloadable and printable Facilitator’s Guide. Below you will find multiple ways to engage these resources, either as an individual or as a lay or clergy leader. 

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Lenten Formation Resources

  • Need help planning Lenten Formation opportunities? Try the On-Demand Lent Planning Workshop through Virginia Theological Seminary. Click here
  • Want a downloadable Lenten Formation program? Try Full to the Brim: An expansive Lent from Sanctified Art. Click here.
  • Need a Lenten devotional book for yourself or a small group? Try Good Enough by Kate Bowler. Click here.  

A limited number of scholarships are available. Please reach out to stownes@epicenter.org for more information.

A Devotional for Lent At Church and Home

Study and preparation are customary for Christians during Lent. Many churches plan special programs in which prayer practices, Bible study, or service to others are emphasized. It is a time for those who will be baptized at the Easter Vigil (or to be Confirmed in the spring) to study and reflect on the Christian faith and their relationship with Jesus Christ. This devotional offers a way for households to prepare for Easter together. More here.

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