Episcopal Migration Ministries

Episcopal Migration Ministries

Episcopal Migration Ministries

Episcopal Migration Ministries

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Episcopal Migration Ministries is the refugee resettlement and immigrant advocacy program of the Episcopal Church.


#RefugeesWelcome #StandToSupportRefugees
Stand Together to Support Refugees

Episcopal Migration Ministries (EMM) lives the call of welcome by supporting refugees, immigrants, and the communities that embrace them as they walk together in The Episcopal Church’s movement to create loving, liberating, and life-giving relationships rooted in compassion. EMM’s desire to honor the inherent value of human connection brings communities together to love their neighbors as themselves.

EMM--Diocese of Texas acts in covenant with individuals and partners, such as Interfaith Ministries of Greater Houston and Refugees Services of Texas (Austin office) to ensure the equity of all voices as they work to serve, engage, and sustain the mission.

Today there are: 

65.8 million displaced people in the world.
25.4 million are refugees
12.7 million are children

We invite you to explore the Partners in Welcome learning community and ministry network of Episcopal Migration Ministries and dream of ways you might be a Partners in Welcome member, as an individual or as a congregation.

Please feel free to contact me regarding any questions you have regarding Refugee Resettlement or Partners in Welcome at . You may also contact Allison Duvall, EMM Manager for Church Relations and Engagement at   for additional questions about and to get more involved in EMM’s grassroots Partners in Welcome network.

To learn more about EMM, their partnership with affiliates Interfaith Ministries for Greater Houston and Refugee Services of Texas-Austin, and the Episcopal Diocese of Texas, in resettling refugees in our diocese, please contact: Alyssa Stebbing, Diocesan Liaison for Refugee Resettlement

What is EMM and what does it do

Who are refugees?

How are Interfaith Ministries of Greater Houston and Refugee Services of Texas involved?

Why is refugee resettlement a ministry of the church? 

EMM Episcopal Migration Ministries
Interfaith Ministry of Greater Houston 
United Nations High Commission for Refugees
Refugee Services of Texas Inc. (Austin Office)