Misión Santa Fé Church Plant, Plum Grove, Celebrates Scholarship; Oldest Member, Retired Carpenter Builds Altar and Other Necessities

Misión Santa Fé Church Plant, Plum Grove, initially envisioned in November 2020 in the midst of the pandemic currently has 72 members and averages between 35-40 each Sunday evening. Located in a master-planned community called Santa Fé, near Cleveland, they first began meeting in homes. Now, they meet in a community center within the community.  

The community has several sections and is growing leaps and bounds. William Llana, church planter, hopes to see even more people become part of this community-based ministry.

This year, the church plant had two graduates awarded $500 each. One of the graduates received the longstanding Vera Gang Scott scholarship. Llana is hopeful that his community is able to raise funds for scholarship in the future.

The church has also been the beneficiary of one of its oldest member’s carpentry skills. The now retired Mario Jimenez constructed the altar, cross, and lectern. Prior to Jimenez learning of the church’s needs, members had prayed they would be met. Llana said, “We are grateful to the diocese and to the Episcopal Church of Liberty who help us a lot. But I believe that God allows people with gifts and talents to serve in this community.”

 Kudos to the Misión Santa Fé Church Plant, Plum Grove, family for serving as yet another example of a successful church plant within the diocese.

First photo: Llana with scholarship recipients and their families; Second through fifth photo: Retired carpenter, oldest member Mario Jimenez constructed items necessary for Sunday night prayer

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