New Film Commemorates Pauli Murray’s True Legacy

Most Episcopalians know who the Rev. Pauli Murray is.

Although most people recognize her as the first African American woman to be ordained in the Episcopal Church; her personal path and tireless advocacy as a women’s rights activist, lawyer, and educator—have pivoted the way in which individuals now refer to gender, race, equality and sexuality in 21st century.

A new documentary, “My Name Is Pauli Murray,” uses Murray’s own voice and words as narration, drawn from interviews, oral histories and the prolific writing — books, poems and a collection of argumentative, impassioned and romantic letters — that Murray meticulously filed away with an eye toward her legacy.

An article recently written by The New York Times, explains why Pauli Murray should be a household name, and how the film highlights her legacy and impact all of these years. 

“My Name Is Pauli Murray” is now in theaters and will begin streaming on PrimeVideo October 1.

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