Plum Grove Church Plant Holds First Spanish Language Service

Plum Grove Church Plant held its first Spanish language service on Sunday, February 7, led by William (Will) Llana. The service took place in a brand-new community center, and members of St. Stephen’s, Liberty, including their Senior Warden and the County Judge brought liturgical vessels as a gift for the new community. St. Stephen’s rector, the Rev. Ted Smith, personally donated materials he used when he was a church planter over 20 years ago.

Will Llana answered the call to build a new community in Plum Grove, north Liberty County, in 2020. Llana is originally from Lima, Peru, and obtained a degree in Communication Sciences and Sacred Scriptures at the South American Biblical Seminary in Peru. After finishing his theological preparation, he served the Church by equipping pastors and leaders in the rural areas of Peru to start new congregations. After his arrival to the United States, Llana studied at the Houston Graduate School of Theology and received a Master of Arts in Theology. He then worked for the United Methodist Church, founding two Hispanic congregations.

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