Priest Plants Food Ministry Outreach at Camp Allen

Grace, Alvin, took their food ministry to another level! 

The Rev. Suzanne Smith and Craig Harland, Grace’s lay youth minister, reached out to 100 seventh and eighth grade campers and asked them if they could bring canned goods to their first day of camp.

To their surprise—they showed up with 150 lbs. worth of non-perishable food items!  

Then, with the help of the Jones’ family, Smith, showed up to Camp Allen with an additional 400 lbs. of rice and beans and about 200 lbs. of bread.

The youth had a blast bagging rice and beans to distribute to the Navasota community.

Once packed and ready to go, Smith and Craig delivered two carloads of blessings to the Christian Community Center in Navasota.

This holy experiment turned out to be the first community service project of its kind at Camp Allen’s Summer Camp, but it won’t be its last!

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