St. Bartholomew’s, Hempstead, St. Francis of Assisi, Prairie View, Collaborates with Robust ESL Pilot Project

Through a joint project, St. Bartholomew’s, Hempstead, and St Francis of Assisi, Prairie View, partnered in 2023 to initiate a pilot English as a second language (ESL) program for two semesters for Waller County adults. 

Bishop Doyle commissioning the ESL volunteers from St Francis of Assisi, Prairie View, St. Bartholomew’s, Hempstead and the Prairie View Canterbury

Members of the both churches with education backgrounds taught the two classes and provided meals. Volunteer parishioners focused on each student’s goals and extended warm hospitality to students and their families.  A prayer box was provided each week so that the churches could keep the students and their families in prayer.

In 2024, the pilot initiative expands through partnership with the bilingual department at Hempstead ISD, Trinity Lutheran Church, Hempstead, and the Prairie View A&M Canterbury.  The Episcopal churches in partnership with the Diocese of Texas raised funds to pay a teacher from Hempstead ISD’s bilingual department to lead the classes.  The bilingual department paid for the curriculum and books and marketed the program to parents.  Trinity Lutheran will host the expansion of the program on its campus. St. Bartholomew and Prairie View’s Canterbury will provide volunteers and meals.

This collaboration between churches and denominations provides a positive impact for the learners and their families and continues to leave an imprint on the fabric of the community.

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