St. George’s, Texas City Welcomes Hundreds to Their Church

When the Rev. Robin Reeves-Kautz got a call from a local Methodist Church requesting to allow the Texas City High School Choir to sing at their church due to a scheduling conflict at their congregation, Reeves-Kautz accepted with glee.

The ample space became the perfect spot to allow the nearly 150 students to sing their hearts out, as more than 250 people showed up to the concert.

This became the perfect opportunity for Reeves-Kautz to invite the attendees to St. George’s for upcoming services and celebrations.

“We handed out invites to Christmas Eve, our cooking class and Epiphany service. Several responded they would come. So now I’m praying those needing Christ’s love will return,” said Reeves-Kautz.

To get a glimpse of the Sacred Music sung the Texas City High School choir, click here.

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