St. James’, Houston: A Day of Celebration

This past Sunday, Bishop Monterosso celebrated at St. James’ Episcopal Church, receiving eight confirmands. In addition to its traditional purpose, the confirmation seemingly symbolized the unity of family. Of the eight confirmed, there were two sets of sibling groups, a mother and daughter, the wife of a parish lay minister, and another whose husband was confirmed last year. Ironically enough, Bishop Monterroso reminded the confirmands that they were becoming members of a much larger family – something much larger than themselves, their biological families, and the parish.

If that weren’t enough to celebrate, Lionel Jellins, longtime Scoutmaster (Troop 212) resigned from his post after nearly 20 years of dedicated service to young men in the community-at-large, but especially through the parish’s Boy Scouts Troop. Jellins, responsible for at least the formation of 45 Eagle Scouts, received a standing ovation as he was presented with commendations from the Diocese of Texas. While he will be greatly missed as the Scoutmaster, the parish is excited about the work left for his successor to execute. Jellins was thanked profusely and expressed his gratefulness for his ministry within St. James’, with former members of Troop 212 present who returned for the occasion to express their gratitude.

Additionally, the Union of Black Episcopalians (UBE) recognized UBE Sunday in what they deemed as an African Regalia Day. Several parishioners participated by wearing traditional African attire, celebrating their heritage as well as the contributions of Black Episcopalians throughout the history of the Episcopal Church.

Following the service, a potluck feast was held in the Parish Hall including an abundance of assorted dishes and a large, multi-layer chocolate cake that nearly everyone had an opportunity to devour.

It was a great day to remember in the life of the parish.

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