St. Luke the Evangelist Celebrates 100 Years of Ministry and Service

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On Sunday October 18, St. Luke the Evangelist, Houston, celebrated its 100th anniversary. About forty people participated in outdoor worship, and a more significant number followed the event online.

The history of St. Luke’s is full of outstanding achievements and, at the same time, struggles against discrimination. The organization of this mission represented the third Episcopal Church for African Americans in the Episcopal Diocese of Texas and the first work among African Americans in Houston. From its beginning in a basement, it took the church forty years to build the building where they now meet.

From this place, they have served many people in the African American community; in recent years, they have fostered young disciples through Houston Canterbury, the Episcopal college ministry. Many leaders have emerged from this Church, including the Rev. Marcia Sadberry, who now serves as Deacon-in-Charge, and Francene Young, who serves as Sacramentalist.

Bishop Assistant Hector Monterroso, reflecting on St. Luke’s legacy, notices “the joy that we share with the entire diocese for 100 years of ministry and service.”

Below is a reflection from Bishop Monterroso which he shared on the occasion of St. Luke’s 100th anniversary:

“Now, if I have found favor in your sight, show me your ways.”

Exodus 33:13a

Show Me Your Ways

Walking in the wilderness, Moses faces the most important journey of his life. He is leading the people of God in search of the promised land. After four hundred years in Egypt, Israel, God’s chosen people, is heading from slavery to the promised land.

At the forefront is Moses, struggling with a series of important decisions that he must make under pressure from the people who despair when they see that the past conditions seemed better.

Unexpectedly, despair leads him on the right path when he can discover that it is essential to always consult with God in every pilgrimage and significant decisions. In his constant dialogue, Moses finds the words to connect with God: Show Me Your Ways.

Show Me Your Ways. It is a simple request but very clear to his immediate need.

Show Me Your Ways. If I have grace in your eyes, put me here at the forefront of this great responsibility.

Show Me Your Ways. The most straightforward request when faced with a problem of great magnitude.

Show Me Your Ways. This is the most critical action to strengthen our relationship with God. Sincere dialogue and essential demands. 

Today we are gathered here in St. Luke the Evangelist to celebrate one hundred years of missionary presence, opening spaces for the inclusion and visibility of the Afro-American community in Houston and the Diocese of Texas.

The road has not been easy. Starting the meetings in a basement and overcoming adversity, the work began to bear fruit after more than seven years of gatherings and hard work.

Then, forty years passed before you built the building where we are gathered today, “The promised land.”

This land and space provided St. Luke’s with the opportunity to serve new generations through the Canterbury College Ministry and raise new leaders like Marcia, who now serves here as the Deacon in charge. And, Francene, a former Rector and currently serving as Sacramentalist.

After a hundred years of mission and ministry, it is necessary to ask God and ourselves the simple question. “Show us your Ways.”

  • What is the next step for this community?
  • What is your calling to participate in building God’s kingdom?
  • What has been your experience with this invitation?

If you are still not sure or clear how you can participate, remember to ask in your next dialogue with God:  “Show me your Ways.” 

+ Hector Monterroso

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