St. Thomas the Apostle Begins Monthly Fresh-Food Distribution

Beginning Saturday, April 4, St. Thomas the Apostle, will offer a monthly fresh food distribution to neighbors in need throughout Nassau Bay, Webster, and Pasadena. The first Saturday of each month, a transfer truck from the Galveston Food Bank will park in the St. Thomas the Apostle parking lot as early as 8 a.m. and volunteers are needed to help package pallets of food into serviceable quantities: a volunteer might spend an hour putting nine onions/oranges/potatoes into smaller bags and offer these bags to 150+ families nearby.  Each month we will distribute at least 8 different types of food to the needy.  If you are interested in serving or leading, please email the Rev. Mike Stone.  Non-parishioners are always invited to serve with St. Thomas the Apostle- We can do more together!

Ways you can help:
Volunteer as a key leader
Volunteer for a single shift
Share shopping/grocery bags with St Thomas

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