Trinity, Marshall, Officially Welcomes New Rector

Trinity, Marshall, celebrated the blessing of a new ministry, officially welcoming the Rev. Sean Duncan to his position as rector. The Rt. Rev. Jeff W. Fisher officiated the service on May 2, 2021.

Duncan has served as rector of Trinity since December 2020; prior to his arrival, Trinity was without a rector for almost two years. Additionally, two youth were confirmed, and the parish dubbed the day, “Sunday of Celebration.” The celebratory atmosphere provided a bit of normalcy returning after a long period of instability and social distancing. Despite the rain’s best efforts, parishioners were able to celebrate with an outdoor reception under a porte-cochère. Senior Warden, Laura Rectenwald noted that in all her years at Trinity, she can’t recall ever using the space in that way, but it was perfect, especially with God’s provision of fair weather just in time.

Bishop Fisher called the congregation pioneers of the liturgy because Trinity was the second parish in the Episcopal Church to use a new liturgy for this service (and the first to do so on a Sunday morning). Bishop Fisher is the chair of the liturgical committee that created this new liturgy. He went on to preach that the true fuel of ministry for a priest is not administration, as important as that work is, but a living and growing faith in Jesus Christ. Clergy and laity alike are called to abide in the vine of Jesus Christ (John 15:4). The church body can assist their rectors by making sure that the work of a rector does not separate him or her from the vine.

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