USHER Quick Tips

What is USHER and what can USHER do for you?

USHER is a platform designed to centralize diocesan information. Visit USHER in the upper right corner of our homepage to assist you with a variety of quick features.

How to get started:

Visit USHER by clicking the USHER button in the upper right corner of our homepage.

USHER allows you to:

  • Update your personal information by visiting the My Account tab. (A log-in is required. Click DOCUMENTATION on the USHER homepage to access instructions on logging into USHER.) This feature is available to lay and clergy.
  • Manage your communication preferences with the diocese by visiting the Preferences tab once you have logged in. This feature is available to lay and clergy.
  • Locate all Bishops’ Visitations by simply visiting the Visitation Search tab and selecting a date range, church, region, OR simply a bishop’s name, then click Find. Results will populate further down the page. Scroll for your results. No log-in is required.
  • Report and Track Continuing Education Progress (CLERGY ONLY) by clicking the Continuing Education tab. Log-in is required and instructions are available by clicking DOCUMENTATION on the USHER homepage.
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