Diocese of Texas Clergy Participate in Pilgrimage to Greece

Clergy from our diocese participated in a pilgrimage to Paul’s Grecian Church plants through the Quinn Foundation and John Logan Memorial Fund, April 10-21. Bishop Monterroso and 12 clerics from around the diocese journeyed even deeper into their faith.

Rhonda Rogers had the opportunity to celebrate the Eucharist from the bema of Paul in Berea. The group shared the Eucharist just outside of the jail of Paul and Silas in Philippi and saw the disembarkation port of Phoebe from Cenchreae to Rome. Our clergy also observed Midday Prayer in Corinth, renewed the baptismal covenant outside of Philippi where Lydia was baptized, stood atop Mars Hill just down from the Acropolis and Parthenon, and even visited the cave of the apocalypse where John had his vision for Revelation. 

The group experienced tours of monasteries and ancient wonders like the palace of Knossos on Crete and medieval city of the Knights of St. John in Rhodes, marveled at the monasteries of Meteora and the serenity at Delphi, saw the Olympic flame in Crete, and shared the Daily Office – even meeting, and including, other members from the Anglican communion in Australia. Their guide even shared her faith with them in worship.

During the pilgrimage, the group met an Australian couple on a tinder from the cruise ship to Patmos. Somehow, it was discovered that the Rev. Mike Stone was a priest traveling with a group of clergy, and that they were observing the Daily Office. The couple turned out to be Anglican and lit up, because after four weeks of traveling, they were hungry for prayer and sacrament. From then, they joined our clergy for the office and eucharists board the ship with a new and visible energy.

The pilgrimage ended appropriately as diocesan clergy saw the couple on the final day of the trip in Acropolis. They were radiant to see our pilgrims in clericals for the first time as well as to greet their own bishop and parish priest. So, not only was the pilgrimage a blessing to our clergy, but they poured blessings into strangers along the way.

The group considered it an honor to worship and travel as a clergy family!

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