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Our Mission

We will join in God’s mission by enriching the lives of our aging population in the Diocese of Texas by improving their quality of life.  

We will do this by listening to the people of the diocese and advocating for the needs of seniors. Areas for advocacy may include:

  • Promoting the health and wellbeing of seniors, especially those who are least served
  • Fostering the faith formation and spiritual growth of seniors
  • Educating through information to seniors, caregivers, congregations, and others
  • Encouraging missional communities and community life for seniors wherever they live

Our Vision

The dignity of seniors across the Diocese of Texas is respected and upheld through their having reasonable access to faith formation, advocacy, education, health, and community life, regardless of their financial resources

Our Values 

Within the context of the Foundation, we hold as a foundational core belief that all people deserve to live and age with dignity and purpose, regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, or economic status.

We further hold to a value of listening and discernment, continually adapting the Foundation’s mission to changing needs, contexts, and environments. 

This includes the dignity of:

  • A safe living environment
  • A growing and fulfilling spiritual life
  • Privacy
  • Self-determination
  • Freedom from stereotypes of aging
  • Access to services benefitting optimal health and wellness, particularly for those who are underserved.  

Policy Statement


Application - accepted through Friday, May 3, 2019


Maggie Abbott, Holy Comforter, Spring
The Rt. Rev Jeff Fisher
Lisa Kraus, St. Francis', Tyler
Cory MacDonald, St. Michael's, Austin
Pamela Nolting, Good Shepherd, Kingwood
The Rev. Robert Vickery, St. James', Austin