The I KNOW! Grades K-4 series:

The Episcopal Diocese of Texas welcomes you to download the Facilitators Guide along with the Videos and Worksheets. Our prayer is that young people will recognize their inherent personal worth and feel empowered to protect themselves in uncomfortable situations.

We hope they can confidently say: I KNOW! My Self. My Boundaries. My Responses.

Facilitators Guide

This curriculum was developed for ministry leaders, teachers and parents for a variety of settings. It consists of three parts:  Facilitator Guide, Videos, and Worksheets. The content is divided into three lessons, which are easy to use and can be adapted as needed. You don’t have to be an expert to present this material!  You have what you need: a heart for the well-being of children and a desire for them to grow into the amazing people God has created them to be.

Open and save I KNOW Facilitator Guide K-4 to your computer. 

Being well prepared, by thoroughly familiarizing yourself with all of the materials in each lesson before you get started, will give you confidence. Feel free to adapt the lessons as needed to best serve the students in your context. Share the link to I KNOW! with your students’ parents, so they can be informed and can continue the conversation at home.


These videos are available for download. You may want to save these videos to your computer so you can watch them without being connected to the Internet or on other devices. To download, click on the link below, then click Download Video.


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