“SRA Talk” is an online meeting designed to connect SRAs with their support team in the Safeguarding office. All are welcome to join us as we share Safeguarding and SRS resources that help support one another in this ministry. Contact Marty Brickley for more information.

SRA Talk – 2022 News and Updates w Marty Brickley on March 10, 2022
Download or print a copy of the outline and follow along.

SRA Talk – 2021 News and Updates w Marty Brickley and Richard O’dell, Zoom Meeting March 18, 2021

SRA Talk – SRS Reports w Marty Brickley, Zoom Meeting April 30, 2020
Please download a copy of the help sheet for your SRA resources. SRS Reports Help Sheet

SRA Talk – Clarifying Policy Changes for 2020, Zoom Meeting February 26, 2020

Please take a moment to gather a copy of both the SGC & SGP Policies & Change Guides to review while listening to the meeting. Safeguarding Policies and Change Guides

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