Isolation Brings Word of God to Thousands Around The Globe

Curate Reaches Thousands Through the Airwaves Spreading a New ‘Breath of God’

On Palm Sunday 2020, the Rev. Alvaro Pinzon, Ph.D., curate at St. Peter’s, Pasadena, received a message from God—one which at that time felt like an unimaginable task.

God had told him to find a way to share the Good News, and not just to members of his church—but to thousands of people around the world.

As the pandemic worsened and the outbreaks kept rising, “more parishioners kept telling us they wanted to start a prayer group,” shared Pinzon.

Technology at first was their biggest adversary. The prayer group began on Facetime. When more people joined, they transferred to WhatsApp, then to Zoom, and finally to Google Meet; where they had the opportunity to invite more people without getting kicked out after 30 minutes.

As the prayer group gained momentum, Pinzon reached out to a friend in Florida who had his own radio station—and that’s when everything took off.

On January 1, 2021, Pinzon launched his radio station called “Aliento de Dios,” (Breath of God), where he produces a daily show from Monday thru Friday. The show is centered in covering the different dimensions of the Holy Spirit with the aim of taking care of your heart, mind, body and soul. The fraternity he created in Florida now assists him with the production and the booking of guests for the different topics he touches.

Every Monday thru Friday at 7 a.m., Pinzon goes live from St. Peter’s where he reaches over 60 thousand listeners all over the world—39 thousand of those listeners are from the United States.

Pinzon’s initiative to start his own radio station is also inspiring other Hispanic congregations in the diocese to explore different ways to reach people through the airwaves and digitally.

“This radio station is helping people learn about God’s greatness and promoting a new breath of God,” said Pinzon.

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