Love Multiplies Like Rabbits at St. Timothy’s, Lake Jackson

Don’t underestimate the impact of what seems like a “small outreach project”. Parishioners at St. Timothy’s, Lake Jackson, used the 40 days of Lent to help spread some Easter love to young people in the Brazosport area.

The idea started simply—to sew about 60 homemade Easter bunnies to donate to the children who are served by the local food pantry. But the Holy Spirit had bigger plans and inspired volunteers to greater heights!

As St. Timothy’s began to transition out of COVID-19, it brought people back into community. With the help of members who sew, and more volunteers to stuff and decorate the creations, volunteers were able to give away more than 150 unique bunnies to kids at the food pantry, our Easter Egg hunt, and to anyone else who needed to know some bunny loves them or a bunny to love or pass on.

“This project was not only fun but such a blessing to our wider community and to St. Timothy’s members. Once word got out organizations all over town wanted bunnies. Only God knows how this little idea might spread love and joy,” said Sondra Griner, bunny project coordinator.

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