New Building, Art Space, and Studio Consecrated at Holy Family HTX

On Friday, April 8, 2022, over 70 diocesan and congregational leaders gathered at Holy Family HTX Episcopal Church, to celebrate the dedication and consecration of their new building.

The 900 sq ft space, located in 3719 Navigation Blvd, in East Downtown Houston, was consecrated and dedicated by the Bishop of Texas, the Rt. Rev. C. Andy Doyle just in time for the observance of Holy Week.

With the generous support from the Great Commission Foundation and the Diocese of Texas—Hill Swift Architects, turned the meat packing plant into a modern center for creativity, curiosity, and communion. 

“We are honored to be part of this missional diocese. We thank God for the generosity of the diocese and foundations that helped make this celebration a reality,” said the Rev. Jacob Breeze, vicar of Holy Family HTX. “This space is a deeper gesture towards future diocesan ministry.”

The grand opening of the building took place on Palm Sunday, welcoming over 150 people.

Breeze, who initiated the community as a church planter, wants to let people know that Holy Family HTX wants to be a church for people without a church.

“We fundamentally believe that Jesus Christ is alive and let loose on the world. Therefore, our task is to keep up with him: It’s his ministry and we are the participants. Together, we lead Jesus-Centered lives by pursuing four things: deep one-to-one connections with each other; the flourishing of the arts and the artists who help us see more clearly what it is to be truly human; theological learning that is clear about the church’s understandings, doesn’t deflect questions and doubts, and never demands fake agreement in order to remain friends; and finally, to celebrate communion with the living God,” said Breeze.

The new space also houses the Lanecia Rouse Tinsley Gallery, which will feature different art installations throughout the year and is named in honor of their artist-in-resident partner. The studio will inspire people of all ages to explore the intersection of creativity and spirituality through various art mediums. And a conference room to encourage curiosity for theological learning through classes, lectures, and workshops.

Holy Family HTX seeks to offer a place where community coalitions, artists, scholars, and groups can gather, dream, and be inspired.

To learn more about Holy Family HTX, visit their website at:

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