Phases of Church Planting

It is the goal of our Diocese to develop healthy, self-sufficient missional congregations. Below is a brief sketch of the four phases of development of a church plant. The intent of this is to establish the general expectations of the diocese, sending congregation, planter and new faith community.

Phase 1: Recruitment
  • Candidate assessed, recommendation submitted to Bishop
  • Determination of ordination status confirmed
  • General location of plant determined
  • Planter recruited; Diocesan funding begins
Phase 2: Placement
  • Planter relocates (if required) and begins missional work
  • Planter begins coaching program
  • Planter joins cohort of planters
  • Core group recruited and prepared
  • Preview public gatherings offered
Phase 3: Commencement
  • Refined location, congregation name submitted and approved
  • Weekly worship and stewardship begins
  • Diocesan funding increases
  • Fellowship status granted from Bishop
  • Formation of legal religious entity
Phase 4: Maturation
  • Diocesan funding reduction commences
  • Mission status granted from Bishop
  • Partnership with Diocese for church planting developed
  • Parochial status granted from Bishop

View EDOT’s Church Planting Handbook.

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