North Region’s First Clergy Christmas Party

The North Region of the Episcopal Diocese of Texas had its first Christmas Party for the clergy on Wednesday, December 21, in the new regional offices at 209 South Main Street just south of downtown Fort Worth. Executive Assistant Joseph Roberts turned the still rather bare space into a happy festive gathering place for the occasion.

It may have been the shortest night of the year, but it was one of the merriest as Bishop C. Andrew Doyle and JoAnne Doyle joined with Bishop Scott Mayer in greeting the clergy and spouses of the region. In the course of the party Bishop Doyle presented Bishop Mayer with a special ice cream scoop (ask him to tell you the history behind the scoop) and JoAnne Doyle spoke briefly to the clergy spouses about the diocesan-sponsored annual events for clergy and spouses and handed out information.

In addition to seeing the new office space for the first time, guests were encouraged to take selfies at a corner “photo booth” in the main conference room as they enjoyed conversations and the holiday food and drink. It was a relaxing break amid a very busy season.


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