Safeguarding Resources for Coordinators and SRAs

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The Safeguarding Records Administrator (SRA) is the organization’s primary user of the online Safeguarding Record System (SRS) that tracks the Safeguarding certification of adults. Trained by the Safeguarding Office, the SRA is responsible for entering individuals into the system and shepherding them through the certification application and screening process, including the interpretation of Background Checks. The Safeguarding Coordinator (SC) communicates Safeguarding requirements throughout the organization, reviews policy compliance, and monitors that the organization has sufficient SRAs and Trainers to support Safeguarding certification. See Forming a Safeguarding Team for a fuller description of the duties of the SRA and SC. Often, the duties of the SC are performed by the SRA of an organization, which is why the two roles are combined on this page.

Below are links to the information and resources that you will need to serve as an SRA and/or SC. If you have technical questions about SRS or policy questions, please contact a member of the Safeguarding Office which is part of the EDOT Wellness and Care Team.

Information and Resources

Policies and Help Sheets
Overview of Safeguarding Certification - Help Sheet
Who Needs Certification or Other Training
Forming a Safeguarding Team
SGC Policies
SGP Policies
SGP in the Workplace - Harassment Prevention

Safeguarding Records System (SRS)
SRS Manual
SRS Reports - Help Sheet
90 Day Certification Deadline and Reactivation - Help Sheet

Screening Process and Forms
Background Checks - Help Sheet
Credit Check and Driving Record Request Form
3 Steps to Safeguarding Certification (for applicants)
SGC and SGP Interview and Reference Questions
Youth Helper Interview, References, Sample Forms

Tracking Training for Vestries and other Boards
SGP Policy Review Confirmation Sheet
Vestries and Boards Policy Review Videos

Annual Reports, Training Only Agreements, and Other Forms

Annual Status Reports
Status Report for Churches or Missions (due May 15)
Status Report for Organizations (contact Marty Brickley for due date)
Status Report for Schools (due Nov. 1)

Training Only Agreements
Schools - Training Only Agreement (due July 15)
Vendors - Training Only Agreement

Safeguarding Team Administrative Forms
Safeguarding Team Appointment
(form for signature of head of organization)

Sample Letters
Independent Tutors on Premises
Photo Release 

Safeguarding Office Support 

EDOT Wellness and Care Team
2021 SRA Talk with Marty Brickley and Richard O'Dell
SRA Talks - Archive