Training Materials for Safeguarding Youth Helpers

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Youth who assist adults in the children and youth ministries of our congregations, schools, and diocesan organizations must always be under the supervision of two Safeguarding-certified adults and must follow the Policies for the Protection of Children and Youth. In order to assist in children and youth ministries, youth must be screened and trained every 12 months as outlined below. Youth under the age of 18 may not be entered into SRS; all screening and training records must be kept in hard copy by the congregation, school, or organization. 

1. Screening procedures: All youth helpers must:

  • Complete a personal interview
  • Complete an application
  • Undergo reference checks
  • Complete a policy review

2. Training procedures: Complete a policy review of the Policies for the Protection of Children and Youth using the SGC Youth Training Guide.

Youth Training Guide