Second Responders Bring You Home

To all who have ears to hear, the Rev. Jim Liberatore proclaims, “Harvey recovery is not over!”  Two years after Hurricane Harvey stormed into Texas, tens of thousands of families in our region have not yet found their way back home.  “There are families still living in flooded homes that have not been mucked out,” reports Debbie Allensworth, associate at St. Andrew’s in Pearland. It is no exaggeration to say that without church involvement in Hurricane Harvey recovery, thousands of families would receive no assistance. 

Immediately after Harvey struck, St. Andrew’s mobilized to render assistance to hurricane-affected families who were likely to fall through the cracks of typical disaster recovery systems. By listening, showing up, developing a plan of action, and then acting upon it, this church has built deep relationships with flood survivors. “We are here for the long term,” Liberatore promises.   

St. Andrew’s arrived at the Harvey recovery mission field with a well-deserved reputation for service and trustworthiness after more than twenty years of cultivating community relationships beyond the church walls. Liberatore and Allensworth are “pastors to the community,” even to those with other church affiliations or no religious affiliation.  It is no surprise that the Pearland Chamber of Commerce named St. Andrew’s “Business of the Month” in June 2019.  

We are accustomed to praising and thanking first responders for their courageous acts when danger strikes. What is easy to overlook, however, is the group that follows close behind.  Second responders like St. Andrew’s feel called to be in it “for the long haul.”  Won’t you consider joining the Second Responder effort by contributing a few hours or a few days?  Training is provided onsite!  Contact

The Diocese of Texas, through its partnership with Episcopal Relief & Development and the diocesan Quin Foundation, is reaching out to assist families for whom conventional disaster recovery mechanisms fall short. Contact the Hurricane Recovery team members Stacy Stringer, Kecia Mallette, or Suzanne Hollifield at

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