St. Thomas’ Students Raise Funds for Local Coral Reef Conservation


Teaching students to be virtuous global citizens is part of the mission of St. Thomas the Apostle Episcopal School, Nassau Bay. Through project based learning, St. Thomas’ fourth graders have been studying coral reefs, specifically investigating coral bleaching as a result of ocean acidification due to increased atmospheric CO2 levels.

This ongoing project includes many types of learning experiences such as observing the effects of acidic water on shells, reading a graphic novel about coral, a field trip to the Moody Gardens Aquarium and Coral Rescue Lab, and even participating in the Skype a Scientist program where students interviewed a marine ecologist. After watching a video about how many of the world’s reef systems are at risk, the students’ passions were stirred to action! With the support of their science teacher Mrs. Vetter, students decided to create coral-themed crafts like magnets, embroidered towels, paintings and bracelets which they sold at the St. Thomas Family Fun Festival in October. Students raised over $400 to support the Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary off the coast of Galveston.

Kelly Drinnen, the Education and Outreach Specialist for the Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary, will come and speak to the fourth and fifth graders about the sanctuary on Wednesday, October 30 from 8:30-9 a.m, and will receive the donation from the kids at that time. 

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