Black History Month 2021 Resources

We are excited to provide this set of resources as we celebrate Black History Month 2021. More resources will be added throughout the month, so bookmark this page!


Together episcopal

Find workshops here, including “Black Lives Matter: What it Is and What it Ain’t” and “Black Lives Matter: Moving from Ally to Accomplice.”

Conference: Racial Reconciliation and the Baptismal Covenant: Striving for Justice and Peace Among All People

Join Christ Church Cathedral, Houston, for a conference on Racial Reconciliation and the Baptismal Covenant February 19th – 21st. Learn more and register here.

Black History Month Events in Houston

Search events here.

Texas Southern University events

Find TSU events here.

Launch of the Ruth J. Simmons Center for Race and Justice event

Join Prairie View A&M for the virtual launch on February 10th at 3:00pm here.

PBS Black History Lineup

Browse PBS programs here.

Texas A&M University

Find Texas A&M University events here.

Baylor University

Find Baylor University events here.

The Ensemble Theatre

The Ensemble Theatre, Houston, is offering Vimeo-On-Demand showings of ” I, Too, Am America: a jazz-infused journey through historic moments of the African American experience” February 7-28. Learn more and watch here.


History Channel

Explore the History Channel’s resources here.

Washington Post Series

Explore the Washinton Post’s interactive series here.

CNBC: 23 Black Leaders Who Are Shaping Today

Read the CNBC piece celebrating Black leaders of today here.

The Buffalo Soldiers and the Buffalo Soldiers Museum

Learn about the Buffalo Soldiers Museum in Houston and the African American military experience here.

Texas Black History: Historical Calendar Compiled by Prairie View A&M University

Explore Prairie View A&M’s historical calendar of Texas Black History here.

Houston Museum of African American Culture

Explore the Houston Museum of African American Culture here.

Union of Black Episcopalians

Learn more about the Union of Black Episcopalians and find your local chapter here.

Recommended Reading

Books for youth

Ari L. Monts, Children’s Minister at St. James’ Austin, has compiled a list of books for youth to read for Black History Month. The suggestions focus on Black women to help families have larger conversations about Black women’s voices and roles in Black history. Find the PDF here.

Find more recommended books for children and youth here.

Barnes and Noble Reading List

Explore the Barnes and Noble reading list here.

CNN Reading List

Browse CNN’s compilation of books here.

UCLA Reading List

Browse a book list compiled by UCLA faculty here.

ELLE Magazine Reading List

Explore Elle Magazine’s reading list here.

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