Chaplain to Retired Clergy

(See Appointment list here)

To address the unique needs of retired clergy, the diocese is pleased to provide chaplains who are available by region. Feel free to contact them as needs arise. Additionally, retired clergy and their spouses have an annual retreat at Camp Allen.

Camp Allen Chaplain: Awaken your Spirit in the Piney Woods

The Chaplain-in-Residence Program at Camp Allen serves thousands of people who come to a conference or retreat, offering Morning and Evening Prayer in All Saints’ Chapel, as well as personal pastoral care. The program, begun in the late 1990s by Bishop Claude E. Payne, has continued to be part of the continual life of prayer at Camp Allen. Weeklong residencies allow a clergy or a licensed lay leader to spend a week at Camp Allen in return for their ministry as the on-site chaplain. 

Several chaplains choose the week that a certain group holds its conference. Some work and pray with special needs children, some like to attend programs with older adults and others are at Camp Allen for events like the C. S. Lewis Conference. Chaplains may bring their families with them during their week in residence.

If you are a clergyperson or a licensed worship leader and would like to learn more about the Chaplain-in-Residence Program at Camp Allen, contact the Rev. Lacy Largent, Camp Allen’s spiritual director .

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