Gun Law and Policy

Updated Weapons Policy

Section 3.6 of the Clergy Manual

The Episcopal Diocese of Texas does not permit any person, including clergy, staff, students, volunteers, and visitors, to carry a weapon in our churches or schools. This prohibition applies even if the person is licensed to carry a concealed weapon under Texas law. 

Read: Letter from Bishop C. Andrew Doyle  | Carta del Obispo C. Andrew Doyle

Read: Prohibiting Handguns On Church Campuses— Chancellor’s Recommendations For Complying With Texas Law  

As noted in the chancellor’s explanation, there are three ways to legally give notice: (1) signs posted at entrances, (2) a printed card or other written communication and (3) oral communications.

If you choose to print your own notice, below are several options: a sign (posted at entrances), postcard- and business card-size versions.  Please be aware, posted signs at entrances must use 1” lettering in English and Spanish. 

Posters/Entrance Signs 30×30

Bilingual Texas 30.05 Regulation Safety Signs

Posters/Entrance Signs 24×24

Bilingual Texas 30.05 Regulation Safety Signs

Posters/Entrance Signs 24×36

Section 30.06 Concealed Handguns Prohibited  Sign – 24×36
Download and Print

Business card-size 2×3

Section 30.06 and 30.07 on a front and back on 2×3 card
Download and Print


Bishops United Against Gun Violence

The Facebook page Episcopalians Against Gun Violence

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