Substance use disorder and other forms of addiction are prevalent in our culture. As we all know, clergy and their families have no special immunity from addiction and its complications, as revealed in these true EDOT recovery stories.

As a member of the clergy, you are held responsible for your recovery from substance use disorder. Should you or your family suspect that substance abuse or addiction has become an issue for you, it is important to seek the support of the diocese. If you are concerned, please contact a bishop or The Rev. Canon Lisa Burns at the Ministry for Wellness and Care. Addiction does not go away when unaddressed; it only gets worse. You can protect your ministry, your family, and your congregation by acting sooner rather than later.

All clergy in twelve step recovery (of any kind are invited to join a weekly, clergy-only recovery meeting over Zoom on Mondays at 9:00 a.m. Click here to access the Zoom meeting. If you have questions, contact The Rev Brad Sullivan, Chair, 979.318.6772, chair of the EDOT Recovery Commission.

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