Other Clergy Wellness Opportunities

Clergy Conference. Each year, clergy are offered a shot clinic during Clergy Conference at Camp Allen where they can receive at no charge flu shots, shingles vaccines, and other immunizations. The schedule also provides free time when clergy can relax, socialize, and take advantage of Camp Allen outdoor activities.

Clericus Groups. Monthly clericus meetings offer an opportunity to build relationships with area clergy while earning Personal and Professional credits for continuing education.

List of Clergy-Recommended Spiritual Directors and Counselors/Therapists. Bishop Doyle recommends that all members of the clergy have relationships with a spiritual director and a counselor or therapist. Contact the Canon for Wellness and Care for a list of spiritual directors and/or a list of counselors and therapists in various parts of the diocese who have been recommended by members of the clergy.

Clergy Wellness Cabinet. Clergy with a particular interest in wellness are invited to join the Clergy Wellness Cabinet, to work with the Canon to Wellness and Care to plan occasional  wellness activities for clergy, including the annual Liturgical Obstacle Course at Camp Allen.

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